What Is A Clock Tab?


For example, you can program your clock to automatically turn off and on at specified times. This will save valuable battery power and is useful if you are away from your computer. Another great feature is that it can also connect with your Bluetooth Smart Phone to send and receive data. This means that you can keep track of time even when on the road.

Features of Clock tab:

Clock Tab

With the Clock Tab you can have multiple monitors. You can use a separate monitor for your phone, another monitor for your calculator, and a third monitor for the computer. This makes for dual monitor capabilities. This product comes with over 20 different pre-configured displays and themes, so you are sure to find one that best fits your personality. Many of these display themes are specifically for Microsoft products like Xbox, Blackberry, and other gaming related products.

With the built in daylight saving mode you can set your clock to read the time in different time zones. This gives you more flexibility with your display range. If you travel often you can have the clock read in the PST time zone. With the time zone feature you can display any time zone no matter what time zone you are in.

With the ability to export data to a PST file you can import that data into other devices like printers and PDAs. This will allow you to take your clock with you wherever you go. The ability to export to a variety of formats is an added bonus. If you travel often you will definitely benefit from using a clock on your travel clock.

For the student and traveler you will find the ability to use Bluetooth on the Clocktab. This means that you can synchronize your clock over to your cell phone, PDA or laptop. This is a great way to bring your clock with you. There is even a virtual clock that can be used on the web. This clock can be viewed on the clock’s website for a large and detailed image of it.

Along with all these great features of the Clocktab you can also order it online and have it picked up at a local store. You can get this clock online in three to four days depending on which site you choose. You can either shop with a local merchant or shop with an online merchant. Either way you will have this remarkable clock in your home within a short period of time.

Reasons why you need a clock tab:

Clock Tab

As you see there are a number of reasons why you would need to buy a Clock Tab. You have a choice of many display ranges. You can display the time in several different time zones. You can make your own customized list of alarms to wake you up. The clock’s ability to use bluetooth wireless technology lets you use it with other electronic devices such as cell phones and PDAs as well. This clock is a wonderful invention that makes life much easier.

There is no reason why anyone should not enjoy waking up to the beauty of their morning clock. The Clock Tab has some special features that make waking up a wonderful experience. You can have the time of day customized for when you want it. You can set the alarm to repeat at specific times such as every morning, every afternoon, and at bedtime. You can even have your time zones automatically set to the proper time of day.

When the Clock Tab is displayed in your living room it will look great. You can easily read the time at any time that you wish to. This product has a great display range so you won’t have trouble reading it in a dimly lit room. The time displayed will be precise as the time zone will let you know exactly what time it is.

If you like to keep accurate time at all times this clock will be a great addition to your house. You will love having this amazing clock on your wall because it will always be accurate and never lose time. It has a great display range and will help you keep time in any type of room where you place it.

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