Water Proof Digital Watch – Features And More To Know

Water Proof Digital Watch

A Water Proof Digital Watch shows time digitally instead of the indicating time by the positioning of the rotating hands. It comes with many features, some of which will be discussed below, which will help you plan to buy a Digital Watch.

Features Of A Water Proof Digital Watch

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The tide indicator which helps to track high and low tides near your location

The depth gauge helps you measure the depths of your dives (and often records depths and times underwater for multiple dives).

The barometer which helps to measure pressure to predict the weather. People who go for frequent boating love this feature.

The stopwatch is helpful when it comes to measuring the number of dives.

Rotating Bezel

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Found on many analog-digital dive watches, the bezel can be rotated to measure dive times by lining it up with the minute hand of the analog display at the beginning of the dive.

Back-light that can be used underwater. It can be easily turned on by tapping on the screen.

The water resistance rating of a watch gives you the information about exactly much water pressure the water-resistant watch can handle without being affected. It is described in terms of meters or bars.

The water resistance rating is a good indication of how you can use your watch. It cannot be taken literally because if you are swimming in the water, then the watch’s water pressure will be much higher than being stationary. The watch’s meter rating does not consider the increased water pressure the experience by the watch when you are swimming into the water. In this case, the best thing to do is not to swim with a watch on unless it has a minimum of 100 meters (or 10 Bar) water resistance (the water-resistance of the watch is described in terms of meters or bars).

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Water Proof Digital Watch

Some low budget water resistance brands can be unreliable; hence it is best to choose a branded waterproof Digital Watch. Go for a trusted brand.

Avoid the use of a digital watch in a warm shower. Because of the warm shower’s increased temperature, the watch can expand a little due to which water can seep into the watch. This can lead to damage to the watch and even corrosion.

The resin case of your Digital Watch can be affected by saltwater. It can corrode the watch, bleach the resin case.

The water-resistance of your watch can be affected if the batteries are not changed properly. Hence you need to make sure that you have changed the batteries correctly.


Resin cases are tough, lighter in weight, and cheaper. But it tends to bleach over time. If you are okay with the watch not lasting forever, you should go for a resin case.

The stainless-steel case is heavier, expensive but is long-lasting. It also gives the watch a greater feeling of class.

A Digital Watch comes with many great features, is highly versatile, and is perfect for any modern-day active lifestyle.

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