Top Clocks With The Best Digital Alarm Clock Sounds

A clock that is on the phone

If the alarm on your phone is not what you need then you can buy a digital clock for yourself. There are so many clocks in the market and deciding the one that you think is right for you can be a problem. You can buy a basic digital clock or stylish device- it is the choice that you need to make according to your own requirements. There are some things that you need to look at before you buy the right alarm clock for yourself. 

The first thing is that the numbers should be big enough so that you can see them easily. There should be a choice of sounds to choose from so that you can get the alarm tone according to your own taste. If you are a heavy sleeper then there are some clocks that can wake up people who sleep so heavily. This is the list of clocks with the best digital alarm clock sounds that you can buy and these digital alarm clock sounds are easy to buy from online and offline sources.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker

If you are the kind of sleeper who does not wake up even with the loudest alarms then this is the one that you can buy. You have to plug the alarm and then place it under the pillow when you are going to sleep. This bed shaker is the alarm that might be the one that will wake you up. There is an option of playing only the vibrations so that others beside you do not wake up. This is the alarm for all the heavy sleepers who oversleep even after setting up multiple alarms every night. If you are a light sleeper, then this might not be the best option for you as it will startle you awake.

Digital Alarm Clock With Night Light

A close up of a clock

If you are looking for an alarm clock that has no frills attached then this is the one that you can get. It is budget friendly and you can afford it with ease. The alarm clock has a snooze button which is also the button for a night light. This also has a battery backup so that it can work even if the electricity goes out. It is one of the most practical alarm clocks that you can get for yourself.

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Most of the alarm clocks that you buy might not be aesthetic to look at but this one surely is. This will make you feel great and the digits are easy to look at. It also has a measure for temperature and humidity which is amazing. If you care about the looks then this is the one thing that you need to get your hands on.


These are the best digital alarm clock sounds that you can get your hands on if you want to get a nice alarm clock for yourself. All these are easily available and you can get these from online stores with ease. Alarm clocks have made life easier and you must have one for waking up on time every morning. 

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