The Tiny Digital Clock – Why Everybody Should Have One

tiny digital clock

The Ad-Free Tiny Digital Clock is a customizable, ad-free desk clock with an alarm that works both as a clock and a calendar. It’s perfect for those people who wish to work on their own but don’t want the usual office desk clutter. When you wake up in the morning, you can simply press a button on the clock’s battery icon to set it so it’s ready to face whatever appointments you have that day. That’s about all there is to this beautiful little timepiece!

Able To Make It Appear Like A Regular Analog Clock

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With the Ad-Free Tiny Digital Clock, you get to choose how the clock displays your current time. You are able to make it appear like a regular analog clock with numbers and hour markers, or you may choose to use a beautiful background with lights, icons, or video. The clock face can be monochrome or colored. If you would like to use your current time on the clock, you simply turn the back on and let the time continue to play automatically. If you’re not sure which mode you’d prefer, it’s easy to flip the switch to “ibility”.

One of the nice features of this tiny, ad-free desk clock is the easy to read backlit front LED. This makes reading the time really easy and convenient. Just flip back the cover and you are good to go. The clock measures just over three inches across and four inches tall, so it will fit easily in your small desk or even your briefcase.

The Built

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A feature that is especially nice is the built-in calendar function. When turned on, the backlit hour markers indicate the days of the week and a red flag appears if the current time is incorrect. There is also a backup button that allows you to save your personal settings to your computer in case the battery dies. This functions just like the ones that many of the big name quartz calculators have. This one however does not require the use of an AC adapter and is powered by an inexpensive LED light bulb.

Another interesting feature of this amazing timepiece is its ability to calculate and display the current time or date Obj. The built-in calendar function helps you set a date, click the clock’s face to display the time and then quickly flip the switch to display the current time. It takes only seconds for this simple task to be accomplished! A nice feature is that the innertext can be manually changed to highlight the current time. For example, to mark an anniversary date, you can simply highlight the date and then enter a new value.

The Built

In addition, the built-in calculator can display the Fibonacci formula as well as other common mathematical equations. The built-in SStz alarm clock uses the Real Time Timing System or RTCS which has an interface port so that other electronic devices such as cameras, video recorders, microphones and printers can synchronize with your computer. You can even program different ways in which your Tiny DS CTR will wake you up depending on whether you are sleeping, resting, working, or doing anything else! The RTCS can be programmed so that it will wake you up using different time zones.

The beautiful digital display on this tiny timepiece is only one of its many impressive features. The small yet powerful motorized digits ensure that even when the battery is dead, the digits will still display the correct time. Also, the tiny digits are perfect for use in extremely cold environments because they can display even in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The fact that the tiny RTCS is battery powered also makes it incredibly convenient. Just one little short circuit or power cable will enable it to work even when the power is off!

Summing Up

A Digital Clock like this one can provide more than just a handy timepiece. They can serve as a great conversation piece as well as a time reference device. While they may not be able to tell time like a human, they can definitely tell time when it is around nine in the morning or in the middle of the night. That is why every man and woman should have at least one of these tiny timepieces in their own bedroom! It will definitely add an elegant touch to any room.

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