The Growing Space of Digitization & Online Campaigning with Intrado Media

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The advent of Digitization has changed almost everything in the marketing of a business. There was a time when pamphlets, mouth campaigning, and traditional media was the face of it, but boom came digital space. If you are not online for your Business, you are missing out. Thus, came the need for agencies who will be responsible for handling your online campaigns. 

Why is Digital Marketing the Need of the Hour?

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Reach people where spend most of their hours- We ought to believe that almost every person spends his every free minute on any social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Thus, focusing your marketing strategies on the same. Over 7.7 billion people use the internet to drive the best results for your Business; your online presence is necessary. 

The competitor is doing Business –

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 Your competitors are already doing it and are slowly getting popular in your audience.  Every Business today is creating social profiles, the right use of search engine optimization for websites, and running paid ads on all networks. If you neglect digital marketing at any point in time, you will lose Business. 

Targeting the right audience – 

Digital Marketing helps you target the right audience. With traditional marketing, the approach is much wider due to the methodology itself. With digital marketing, you can target your audience in a precise manner. 

Monitor Campaigns and Optimize your Results – 

With digital marketing campaigns, you have the option to monitor your campaigns and then work on it accordingly for the next time. Everything is trackable completely. You get metrics like impressions, clicks, likes, shares, conversions, and more. Track your campaign’s performance, and further, it becomes easier to fix it and adaptable for the next round of changes. 


 Return on Investment is an important terminology when it comes to marketers. Earlier, with traditional marketing, it was difficult to directly tack the returns on your investments. But with Digital Marketing, you get a very excellent return on investments. For instance, Email marketing can give up to 44 % of returns on its Investment. It is a great method to use online marketing methods. 

Intrado Digital Media Offerings 

Intrado offers a lot of solutions from Marketing, Public Relations, Internal Communications to investor relations.  Additionally, they offer innovative product launches and help you execute flawless communication programs that build your brand and engage the stakeholders.  

Marketing Solutions –  This is a world-class solution provided by Intrado to help their businesses connect with global audiences by the engaging audience through their online experiences. This works with powering through a robust data engine. 

Internal Communications Solutions – Although not a major focus, internal communications help you in some of your major functioning, including town halls, kick-offs, and training programs. 

In a nutshell, Intrado is one of the top distributors of IR Press Release. They are also among the best provider of webcasting solutions and with a global presence of over 17 different office locations.  Do get in touch with them for your next online campaigns. 

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