Small Digital Clocks – Why They’re Better Than Your Average Alarm Clock

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It is compact and it is easy to take with you. It can be a small digital clock, if that’s what you need. You should read these small digital clock features guides to learn more about its amazing features.

It wakes you up with its loud, rich sound. It works just like it looks. With precision, you can set different alarms. The advanced sound adjustment helps you to determine the exact time that the alarm is set to wake you up. The built-in alarm clocks have vibrating alerts that can wake you up in time.

LCD Screen

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It has a small LCD screen. These small digital clocks are made to have large screens to make it more convenient to read. If you are using it in bed, it has an alarm clock function that helps you sleep peacefully at night.

It has bright backlighting. There are digital clocks that have backlit displays but they are not bright enough to see clearly. This feature makes your small digital clocks much easier to read. The backlight also creates a white background for the digits, so the digits won’t be as hard to see. The display time and the date are easy to read as well.

An Accurate Brightness Setting

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It has an accurate brightness setting. Most small digital clocks display time and the date at the same brightness. But if it is set at an unrealistic brightness, the digits will not be very clear. Your tiny wrists can get hurt from reading them too brightly.

It comes with built-in LED digital alarm clocks. LED digital alarm clocks are much more advanced than regular alarm clocks. They have much brighter displays and are able to show animated characters. They also last longer than regular alarm clocks.

A Motion Sensor

It has a motion sensor. You can set the motion sensor to remind you to take a shower before you go to bed or remind you to snooze so you don’t wake up to a morning shower. The motion sensor works when there is a power outage.

Small digital clocks are easier to repair than regular alarm clocks. They do not have any moving parts, so you do not need to service it every year like other alarm clocks do. You may have to replace the batteries in it once a year. So, it is better to buy a digital clock that lasts longer and requires less maintenance to keep it working properly.

A Snooze Button

They have a snooze button. Many regular alarm clocks have the snooze button under the bed but smart clocks have it right beside the clock face. When you are using the snooze button to dismiss your email or to remind you to take a shower, you are not taking a shower. It’s still an alarm clock, so you have to reset it before you can go to sleep. Smart clocks have a button that you press while you are lying in bed, so you are immediately automatically dismissed when you wake up. This solves your problem of having an alarm clock with no snooze button.

Small digital clocks run on batteries. Most analog clocks have to be plugged into an electricity source so it can run. This makes it inconvenient if there is a power outage. It also makes them expensive to run since you have to buy an extra battery every month. The brightness of the analog clock faces. The brightness of the face is important for making it easier to wake up in the morning. If you have a natural light bulb in your bedroom, you might need to adjust the brightness to help wake you up in the morning.


However, the brightness of a digital clock face is not nearly as important to most people. For many people, they like the idea of waking up to a bright face on their alarm clock without any effort. Most have a “peakeep” feature. A peak is an extra sound that usually plays when the alarm clock rings. Some peaked alarms play relaxing music or imitate the sound of water falling over a waterfall. Some people actually like peakeeping so much that it is their primary sleep signal.

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