Should I Buy a Kids Digital Camera

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Kid’s digital camera? Yes! While instant and Polaroids are loads of fun, digital cameras also allow younger artists to snap into their sweet little heart’s content with a small camera that takes a lot less hassle than the more traditional point and shoot models. Whether it is a one or two lens reflex camera, or even a camera that takes SLR pictures, these cameras give the youth an opportunity to capture memories of the people and places that inspire them.

Camera With A Built In Editing Program Provides High Quality Pictures

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It’s amazing how a simple camera with a built in editing program like the one on the SLR models can give you such high quality pictures, but the key is knowing which features to look for. There are so many different cameras out there that it’s really hard to know what is right for your kids. I know that I was confused about the digital picture settings when my son brought his first “model” home. How could it take so many pictures, and yet he said the photos turned out great! I didn’t want to get the “normal” digital cameras for my son because they were just too expensive.

When we tried digital SLRs, we knew right away that this was going to be a keeper. There was no way these kids were going to miss out on having a camera that allowed them to take as many pictures as they wanted, while also giving them some control over the photo editing process. These cameras have truly opened a new door for kids, and for us parents, we love being able to share in the wonderful memories that our kids take with these cameras.

Consider The Usage

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The first step in buying a digital SLR camera for your kids is to consider what they will be doing with it. If they are into sports, then they will most likely want something in the weight range of ten to fifteen pounds. Some kids even carry their camera around with them in school or while playing outside with friends. Other kids will prefer a more compact camera, something under five pounds. Remember that a higher resolution camera will give you better quality images, so be sure to find that sweet spot for your kid’s camera.

If your kids are still in grade school, then you might want to consider investing in a smaller, hand-held digital SLR camera that comes in a smaller size, like the one that comes with a Mp3 player. These smaller cameras are perfect for a student who wants to take a lot of pictures, but who needs to take them at school, where they have to put the camera away when they’re not using it. Most kids are more than happy to sit quietly in a class and take pictures of the teacher during their free time.

Consider A Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

You may also want to consider a digital single lens reflex camera. These cameras are popular among professional photographers, because they don’t require as much room to store the pictures. There is less risk of replacing the batteries, because there is no separate lens. You simply touch the camera to the camera lens, and the picture is automatically recorded. They are also great for kids because unlike a point-and-shoot digital SLR, they don’t need to be constantly refilled with batteries.

Summing Up 

Whether or not to buy a kids digital camera depends upon your situation. If you’re going to spend a lot of money, you’ll probably want to get a professional camera, but if you’re not planning to go that route, then a digital SLR will do. It may even be a good idea to look around at point-and-shoot cameras first and see if one of them will work well enough for your kids. You never know how good of a deal you’ll find on one! You may be able to find one with enough features to suit your needs, or maybe you’ll find a great camera for much less!

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