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A Brief Overview About The Courses Provided By University Of Massachusetts’ Digital Media Lab

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The University of Massachusetts’ digital media laboratory offers media production courses, film and television production, video production, Internet marketing, creative writing, and other related academic disciplines. Students can pursue a minor in the programs or enroll in the regular undergraduate program, to begin with. The lab was established to help students find their individual creative voice and to hone their skills in the area. Students in the digital media programs will work one-on-one with industry experts and be exposed to cutting-edge equipment and software to help them develop a promising career in this fast-moving media industry. As part of the university’s relationship with the film and television industry, digital media artists can expect to participate in internships, exchange programs, and presentations at the university.

What Do Students Learn In The University of Massachusetts’ Campus?

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Film and Television make their mark on the University of Massachusetts’ campus. Many of the students who have studied film and television transfer these skills to their academic careers. Students learn vital skills such as working with sound and lighting, basic film techniques, and developing a sense of story. They gain a solid grounding in visual arts that helps prepare them for a successful professional career. They are taught about casting and what kinds of roles are suitable for which demographics.

At the University of Massachusetts’ digital media center, students will work alongside industry professionals in various media types. Primarily, the focus is on emerging media, especially web video. Web video requires attention to design, audio and video editing, branding, and promotion. Students will practice both narrative and non-narrative communication and produce short and long videos using multiple platforms and formats. After learning the basics, students will also learn how to optimize web pages for search engines.

Which Degree Can Students Pursue From This University?

Students also have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. This degree is a combination of classes that discuss broadcast design and media performance, news analysis, technical communication, broadcast production, and the broadcast’s technical aspects. It also covers broadcast journalism principles and newsroom management skills.

After completing film studies, students can pursue graduate studies in the area by participating in internship programs at local colleges and universities. The UMass Film School has an internship program that allows students to showcase their film talents and develop internships in the field. The internship program helps students learn more about film production and will enable them to work directly with industry professionals. After completing graduation, students may pursue graduate degrees in Broadcast Journalism, TV Broadcast Engineering, or many other broadcast-related degrees. They may also land future jobs or connect with potential employers while gaining valuable experience.

Final Words

A handful of other digital media programs in the U Mass College campus offer internships, workshops and seminars, and professional development opportunities. At the College, students can find a plethora of information about careers in advertising, audio visual technology, graphic design, and other areas. In addition to workshops and seminars, many programs offer internship programs. If a student wishes to expand their professional network or begin working with companies directly, these programs are the perfect place to start.

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