Impact of computers online games

computers online games

They are an extremely popular choice for young people who want to spend free time, but many parents fear that this will become a problem. However, there are no longer any negative consequences if they are used in moderation and only in a positive way.

Young people spend more and more time in front of the television, computer or other screens, to know games online. In recent years there has been tremendous growth in this sector and it is estimated that 40% of all children go to play on the Internet at least once a week. While the offer is extremely varied from role-playing games, action, and adventure to simple board games, all hurt the health of children.

Playing online games does not promote physical activity

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Experts explain that playing computer or online requires much less physical activity than traditional games such as soccer or basketball. The motivation for many has been precisely to use this lack of physical activity and inactivity as one of the causes of obesity, especially among young people.

Educational and therapeutic role of the games online

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It is also noted that playing computer games can be educational and relaxing. They can help children learn languages, mathematics, or history by simulating reality. In addition, they can become a way to relax after school or work and allow them to play with other people.


However, despite the benefits, many families believe that children spend too much time playing computer games. Parents fear that it may affect their school work or social relationships with other children. To avoid such problems, it is essential to know how much time your child spends in front of a screen and you should provide limits.

It is important to note that there are a variety of games available and suitable for both boys and girls of all ages, so they can choose just how hard gameplay will be or adapt it to your age. It is also necessary to follow the behavior of your child’s links online, especially if you notice signs of addiction. These include difficulty in concentration, agitation, or isolation. You should also offer an alternative activity, physical games to play with the rest of family or friends.

It is important to note that if your child spends more than 3 hours in front of a screen every day there may be problems associated with overuse and you must act before it becomes addicted to computer games. You can reduce these hours by organizing activities together with your family.

Nevertheless, if you limit the time spent online and encourage physical activity, computer games can be used in a positive way to create a healthy lifestyle for children.


Although it is necessary to protect children from the negative effects of the games online, many parents seem unaware of their benefits and importance for child development. It is therefore important that all regulatory bodies face this issue to encourage both teachers and people involved with children to realize these benefits.

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