Ihome Speaker – All The Benefits Of Having This Speaker At Home

ihome speaker

I home is a brand which was established in 2005. It is just a brand of the company Sdi Technologies. This mother company has a historic duration of over 60 years in the innovation sector of consumer electronics. An I pod-docking clock radio was the first I home product and also the top-selling I pod accessory for many accessories. This accessory helped to establish I home as a premier brand in the audio accessories market.

I Home Speaker – Available Different Models 

I home speakers come in various models. The list includes models as I Home Ibt29, I home Ibt31, I home Ibt88, I home Im71sc mini, I home Ibt3bc Bluetooth, I home Iavs16 Alexa bedside, I home Id28 1.0 channel, I home Ibn10bc Bluetooth, I home Ibt 4gc Bluetooth, I home ibt25, I home Ibt30, I home Ih5, I home ip11, I home ip37, Marvel I home mr-m66, I home play glow ibt780 color-changing portable Bluetooth speaker, I home play glow mini Ibt810 color-changing portable Bluetooth speaker, I home beauty lux power Bluetooth vanity speaker with charging, I home Ibt620, etc.

I Home Speaker – General Features

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I home speaker has Bluetooth connectivity with on/ off mode. They have the power switch socket for constant working/ charging mode. I home charge via usb ac adapter or other powered usb port. I home also have the light mode, you can press the light button to turn the light on/ off. I home speaker can also be able to answer the call/ end the call by the proper allotted slot. The Led light is also there having different color modes. If I home led shows the solid red color, then it means it’s charging. If red led off then it fully charged. If the led is flashing red then it has a low battery. If the led flashing is blue ten it is pairing and if the led is solid blue then it has been connected to Bluetooth.     

I Home Speaker – Precautions

Some precautions like avoid giving the battery exposure to a liquid. One must have to keep batteries out of the reach of infants and small children. Never use or charge a battery if it’s leaking or in any abnormal state. Avoid charging a rechargeable battery when the temperature is not within 5-35 degrees centigrade.


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The said features and available different models are telling itself that how broad is this audio brand. One must have to enjoy the available audio products by giving them a needy chance. The reason for this is that most Bluetooth devices just cannot provide the same audio experience as wired. Sound quality and clarity of beats are superior in wired as the signal transmission is more accurate. Recent developments in technology have made it possible for wireless to get close to the experience of wired, but the price does increase. The AptX coding technology has made it possible to transmitting sound efficiently even in the wireless medium. So it’s better to be on the lookout for headsets that offer this choice. 

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