How To Customize The Digital Clock App

digital clock app

Smart Clock is a wonderful free app for Android devices that displays both regular time, and accurate solar time, along with local weather information. No matter where you go outdoors, you can always stay informed about the weather just by looking at your phone’s lock display. It displays live time in both 12 hours and 24 hours format. Users can set reminders to update their schedules or make other important lifestyle adjustments based on real-time data. If you are a student, you can use this application to track and record your school activities.

With this amazing app, you will know exactly when it is your most important to leave home. It also gives you real-time traffic info, so you won’t get stuck in rush hour traffic while traveling to work. You can always monitor your work-life balance by displaying your schedule and tasks personally on your mobile screen.

Useful Features

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Other great features of Smart Clock for your Android smartphone include: accurate calendar time display, support for thousands of currencies, Google Now On Tap, ambient display, widgets for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, FourSquare, and Flickr. There are even more advanced features available with the upgrade from Smart Clock 2.0 to Smart Clock Pro, including: geofencing, speed alerts, direct export to clipboard, unlimited customization options, and theme support. Users can even import their existing calendars into the new version. If you are using an old version, you can import your data into Smart Clock Pro with no problems at all.

The other exciting feature of Smart Clock Pro is that you can use it to watch your favorite TV shows or movies. This digital clock app features easy to use interface and a large, fully-customizable interface. The interface has various clock styles that can be changed according to your preferences.

With its simple, clean interface, this app reminds users of upcoming appointments and calls with stylish graphics and animation effects. It displays the local time and can set your alarm clock and mobile battery percentage based on your settings. With the advanced features, users can set their alarms from anywhere in the world using their Bluetooth-connected cell phones, PDA or portable PC.

Travelling Made Easy

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When you’re traveling, Smart Clock can help you save time and money. With the advanced Alarm Set Alarm feature, the device knows when it’s time to turn your alarm’s off or reset them to avoid waking you up. The built-in battery backup remembers your most important features such as phone numbers, emails and schedules and helps you remember them throughout the day. It also reminds you of your most important tasks, such as meeting timings and remind you to turn your alarm clock off after you’ve left the house.

For those who use their cell phones while traveling, there are many useful features available in Smart Clock. For instance, the Alarm complication allows you to customize the color of the text alerts and the font size of the alarm text alerts. You can also change the color of the background image used by the clock, along with the size and color of the text. There is even a built-in widget that displays your most important recently-woken-up messages in a handy calendar view.


You can even customize the appearance of the clock. For example, you have the option to set the color of the text alerts and the size of the text alerts. There are many more customizable options, which allow you to personalize the way this alarm clock looks and works. Even better, some of these customizable options are supported by default features of the software or you can create your own. This ensures that your alarm time along with your other regular time settings are always in line with your preferences. This ensures that you always manage to manage your time better using this convenient tool.

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