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For high school students in particular, the decision about whether to go to a prom or not can often depend on whether or not they have access to enough Hearst digital media resources to be successful at their event. “There is no question that teens are becoming more social, and what they see at an event like this will definitely have an impact on their lives long after the event is over,” says Laura Layman, communications director for Hearst. “There are many ways that teens and college students are using social networking sites to stay connected, and the amount of time that a teen is spending online has never been a bigger trend.” “The types of social sites that are most popular among teens include Twitter and Facebook,” she continues.

Some Teens Can’t Afford And Face Difficulty

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“TEens who can’t afford to purchase new outfits often must make the difficult choice between skipping prom altogether or wearing clothes that they don’t really feel comfortable in. In addition to making a major fashion decision, students are faced with the reality that attending an event on a budget can often be quite difficult,” says Layman. “Although these social sites are not necessarily monitored, it is important for students to understand how much they spend.” “A parent’s responsibility is still to ensure that funds are available for the student,” she emphasizes. “Teens should also be prepared to answer questions regarding any specifics regarding social networks, like which websites they should be familiar with and what information they should keep private and which ones they should share.”

The first day of school typically marks the start of many teen’s social experiences. Many students feel anxious and thrilled at the prospect of learning more about their peers and finding out who they may become friendly with in school. One way that Hearst digital media companies have responded to this trend is by creating prom guides for students. These guides provide important tips for teens, both the back and front, to make the most of their prom experience. The guides include important facts about student life, along with helpful suggestions.

Most Student Are Nervous About Their Appearance

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“One thing that we found out right away is that most students are nervous about their appearance on prom night, because it marks the beginning of the teenage years and many adolescents begin to feel uncomfortable about their bodies and how they look. This creates a unique opportunity for students to create positive imagery around themselves, such as their hairstyle, clothing and makeup,” explains Layman. “Hearst digital media has created resources that cater to the particular needs of a high school student and provide information about prom dresses, hair, skin and hair styling that will help them to feel confident about themselves during this special event.” The guides also include helpful hints about matching a prom dress with appropriate makeup, and other useful tips for looking and feeling your best on this special night.

Social Life Of Students

While the student’s social life may be at the forefront of their minds when they begin to research and plan for their prom night, they needn’t forget about the practicalities of their day. In this regard, Layman advises parents to offer their students some assistance. “If you have extra money, consider getting your teenager’s some assistance with grocery shopping, transportation, entertainment and even shopping for prom accessories like accessories and tiaras,” he says. Alternatively, you could offer your child financial assistance, perhaps in the form of a scholarship. “A scholarship is a great way for students to help themselves financially,” adds Layman.

Summing Up

Finally, offer your student a chance to take advantage of what you know by creating their own website. Layman emphasizes that creating and maintaining a website should not be taken lightly – “It is important to take steps to ensure that your website is professional, informative and represents your business well. You should also consider hiring a web designer to optimize the look and functionality of your site.” Hire a graphic designer, a writer, and a copywriter to create engaging content that will attract potential customers.

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