Google Clock Widget – A Revolution in Android Applications

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A clock is a device typically used to show, inform, and track time. The first clock was probably nothing more than a primitive instrument used to tell time. As other devices became more complex, like clocks, so did the needs for accurate time measurement. The first clock was one of mankind’s first attempts at an efficient internal clock mechanism. Tools used in this attempt included sundial clocks and lunometers. Other devices operating on many different internal mechanisms were also used over the centuries.

A variety of hardware and software is available to enable users to perform the various time adjustment tasks. For instance, Android phones have a” Sunrise Alarm” feature that automatically turns the phone’s screen on at a certain time of the day. The resulting visual display shows the time right on the device with a simple gesture. This is useful for people who may be using several different devices to synchronize their time, or for individuals who may want to remember the precise time for some reason.

Google Now Mobile App

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The “Google Now” mobile app is also useful for providing clocks and other notifications. The clock app enables users to set regular wakeup times and reminder alerts based on a number of factors. Users can set regular waking up times by the date of the current day or on a special occasion. They can also set a number of recurring or daily alarms based on things such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events. If an upcoming appointment is missed, users can set an alert to remind the user to go to the selected location.

Another practical use for the Google Clock app is for encouraging users to exercise. The built-in workout timer function enables the user to set alarms to workout specific parts of the body. After finishing the set amount of workouts, the next alarm can be triggered to continue working out even more. For those who may be too busy to exercise regularly, this app can serve as a motivation booster.

Free Downloads

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The Google Clock app is not the only thing that users can download from the Google play store. Other android apps are available as either free downloads or paid versions. These apps usually take the form of widgets that can be positioned on the home screen or the widgets can be installed right onto your android device. Some of these apps are directly related to the alarm functions of the clock application, while others help users track the exact time logged into their Google accounts.

Healthy Snacks

One of these apps, called “astical” helps users find the perfect time to eat lunch if they are running on a strict diet or just need a healthy snack to re energize. The “astical” clock widget displays the current time, as well as lunch time, snack time, and dinner time, so you can always be sure you eat the right amount and right before bedtime. Another useful feature of this type of clock is its integration with Mint. This Mint email client allows you to set custom rules for the alarm to trigger. If you want your alarm to be emailed to a specific group or individual, you can do so easily through the Mint account settings.

If you don’t like the idea of installing applications to make your own clock widget, you should try out “tap to share” applications. This latest version of spotify has an added option that lets users sign up for Google alerts using their existing spotify account. When they click the option, they will be sent a notification with the link to their favorite music, latest updates, etc.

The Google Clock spotify code simply needs to be added into any spotify account to enable the functionality. With this function activated, any time you add new music to your Google Play list or listen to a particular song, a notification will appear with the link to share it with the world.

Final Words

While most of these latest versions of Android apps make use of the Material Design theme, there are still many other Google Android apps that don’t show the Material Design theme. That’s why we’ve listed the most popular, most useful and best-designed ones in the links below. You will find them useful and improve the look of your phone. After you install one or more of these Google Clock widgets, you won’t want to switch to anything else!

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