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samsung digital camera

The most common problem with digital cameras is that sometimes they make mistakes, and the result is that photos that should have been perfect had come out a little fuzzy or out of focus. What many people don’t realize is that the flash in their camera is actually a self-timer.

Self Timer

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A self-timer is just what it sounds like: a tool that allows the camera to take a photo even if you don’t have time to press the shutter button yourself. Your camera will fire the flash when it senses movement or when it senses a face in the photo.

If the camera fires the flash when you press the button, the result will be a picture that comes out blurry, or even has red-eye. This is caused by the LCD screen freezing up while you try to take a photo, causing the displayed image to change slightly as the LCD readout is delayed. Red-eye is caused primarily by a front light sensor not picking up the light on the subject of the shot. Because of this, the camera ends up seeing a cloud behind the subject that actually wasn’t there. To fix this problem, simply turn your camera’s self-timer on and off as needed.

Another digital camera feature that is incredibly useful is the built-in LCD screen. The LCD screen is what you’ll see when you’re taking the pictures and can be extremely helpful if you need a reference or something to place all of the images in. There are some drawbacks to the LCD monitor, however. One of the biggest problems is that it can be difficult for those with poor eyesight to view the images properly. Fortunately, there is a built-in manual mode that makes it much easier to view the images that you took.

Smart Features Available

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Other features available on the Samsung DLP digital camera include: video and audio recording, manual and automatic focus, and exposure compensation. Video recording is available with the camera and is done in normal or daylight modes. The audio recording mode is only available in either standard or night mode, and both allow you to record sound as you take the pictures. The audio recording feature also includes an option for adding music. Finally, the exposure compensation setting is available to automatically adjust the camera’s exposure to provide clearer pictures in lower light situations. This is great for using outdoors during bright sunny days.

The self-timer function on the camera is another highly useful feature of this camera. The self-timer allows the photographer to take up to ten seconds of video and then stop the camera at any time to capture a still photograph with the auto-focus feature. This is a great feature that gives you extra time to concentrate on capturing your special moment rather than worrying about pressing the shutter button.

One more feature on the Samsung DLP digital camera offers even more convenience. You can activate the face detection feature with the touch of a button. With this feature, the camera will continuously detect your face so that you can take pictures of yourself without having to press the button repeatedly.

Face Detection Feature

This makes taking pictures of your children and pets even easier. This feature is great for when you have multiple family members or friends that visit you, since you won’t have to continuously move from one person to another. However, as with any self-timer or face detection feature, this feature will cease to function if someone or something in the picture stops moving.

The built-in LCD monitor on the camera also offers a great convenience when taking pictures. Since the monitor is built into the camera body, it offers an easy view of the image area.

Wrapping Up

There is no need to flip from your seat to check on the image. This monitor is also larger than the LCD screen on the camera, which means that you can read the text more easily if necessary.

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