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Digital Watch

This modern era is full of technologies and unbelievable things. And in today’s world, we have advanced so much that we created a computer so small that we can wear it on our wrist and walk around without any problem, yes, digital smartwatch, a computer small and handy enough to wear and walk around without having any problem. 

History Of Smartwatches 

Smart Watch

It was Samsung that introduced the world’s first smartwatch in the late ’90s. SPH-WP10, launched in 1999 by Samsung, is the first watch phone with a battery backup of 90 minutes. Then the day arrived when Microsoft launched the SPOT, short for “Smart Personal Object Technology,” in 2004, and the SPOT was known as the first true smartwatch. The SPOT had many features like receiving weather updates, news, and stock through FM radio. The SPOT can also receive e-mail or instant messages. However, unfortunately, technology was not advanced enough, and the user was unable to reply to those e-mails and messages. As time passed on, smartphones and smartwatches technology advanced, and in 2014 Google developed an OS known as “Android wear,” version of its mobile operating system but for a watch. 

In 2015, Apple launched its very own smartwatch and called it the “Apple watch.” Without any need to say Apple watch took over the smartwatch market instantly with an unbelievable speed. In 2014 Apple released the Apple watch, and by the second quarter of Fiscal 2015, 4.2 million people were already using the apple watch. And by December 2020, more than 100 million people are estimated to be using the apple watch. 

The Function Of The Modern Smartwatch 

Smart Watch

Its history was when you were supposed to take out your smartphone for anything small like checking a notification, doing some minor calculations, etc. Now, for all these small things, we have smartwatches. You can use a calculator on your smartwatch, and you can pick up calls, reply to text messages, check your heart rate, and many more things that make them worthy of buying. 

Types Of The Digital Smartwatch 

Digital smartwatches are available in two types – 

1. All-purpose smartwatch 

2. Specific-use smartwatch 

All-purpose smartwatch 

This niche of smartwatches is created to replace regular mechanical watches, and they are fully smartphone-dependent smartwatches. Think of them as an external tool to handle your smartphone. 

Examples of this niche are – 

  • Apple watches – Designed and sold by Apple INC. 
  • Wear Watches – Designed by several companies and uses Google’s Wear operating system. 
  • Tizen Watches – A popular operating system designed and sold by Samsung for its Galaxy series smartwatches. 

Specific-use smartwatches  

This niche includes watches that include special devices for a particular purpose. They are something in between phone-dependent or stand-alone smartwatches. Examples of this niche are – 

  • Hiking watches – watches, especially for hikers. This kind of watch has GPS navigation, a long battery life, and weather forecasting, etc. 
  • Diving Watches – Loves to swim, wanna track your performance under the water? 

These are the types of smartwatches you should buy. Flying watches – Offers a GPS map, a logbook, an ongoing pulse oximeter, etc. This is a variant for day-to-day life.


Online and offline marketplaces are packed with different types of digital smartwatches from low to an expensive price range. Now it depends on your choice which you want to buy.

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