Digital Camera Buying Guide For Beginners

digital camera buying guide

Digital Cameras: What Are They? Digital cameras are electronic gadgets that take and record digital pictures. There are several different kinds of digital cameras. Digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras are those that have a single lens that can be focused by turning a wheel. The other kind of digital camera is called a full frame camera and has two lenses that are not identical to each other, so one is fully focused and the other is not.

Elements Depending On The Brand And The Model

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Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras have different elements depending on the brand and the model. Some of them have a shutter speed, a flash, auto focus and others. Some also have auto white balance, although this feature is most commonly found in digital cameras that have a CMOS sensor. Digital Single Lens Reflex (D SLR) cameras are very popular as they are able to give high quality images without the need for a film advance.

Digital Cameras With Various Elements The first step, this digital camera Buying Guide includes is a discussion on what to look for in a camera. Those who already have an interest in digital cameras and are planning on a DSLR should first read the DSLR Buying Guide, otherwise, those who are planning on using the camera should read the Information about Digital Cameras. If you’re not exactly sure what a DSLR camera is, keep reading, as you’re on the right track. In a nutshell, digital cameras allow you to capture your photos digitally, which means that you can store and share them easily using software like Sony’s Remote Camera. These days, even phones have digital camera functionality so that you can take your photos directly to your phone.

Digital Cameras With Various Elements

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Digital cameras vary in terms of megapixels, which refers to how many millions of pixels the camera can take and reproduce an image. Higher number of megapixels usually means better image quality, but this is entirely dependent on your taste and your requirements. One important factor to consider when looking at the different options in digital cameras is optical zoom. This refers to the effect that the optical zoom has on an image. If you want an image that is sharp, with minimal distortion, then an optical zoom will do you fine. But if you want to achieve an image that is more or less free from distortion, then the digital zoom will be your best option.

Digital Cameras With Various Viewfinder Types

There are basically two types of digital cameras – those that have a lens and those that don’t. The digital viewfinder is where the image is displayed using an optical lens. On some digital cameras, it also uses a laser technology. On the other hand, there are mirrorless cameras which have a digital LCD screen for viewing images. The type of viewfinder that you use will be dependent on your requirements.

Optical zoom is basically nothing more than a magnifier. The megapixels given are just the number of pixels that can be displayed by the lens at its finest. Therefore, an optical zoom will give you the highest amount of resolution. On the other hand, a digital zoom gives a reduced amount of resolution as the image is displayed by the lens at its cheapest. As such, this is not advisable for those who need finer images. For example, an action photographer may find the lower resolution of the camera more suitable since they often shoot in narrow aperture settings.


Digital camera cameras are quite an exciting product to buy. However, to get the best value for your money, it is important to consider your needs and requirements as far as picture quality and resolution are concerned before making your purchase. The information in this digital slr buying guide should prove useful.

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