Best Gaming Monitors You Must Know About

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A gaming monitor is a display device that is primarily used to play video games. It usually has a higher refresh rate, contrast ratio, and pixel than standard monitors to give a better gaming experience. The need for gaming monitors arose due to the advancement in graphics technology and the demand for immersive gaming experiences by gamers. As of 2016, there are several types of gaming monitors available in the market catering to the different needs of gamers. In this article, we will discuss some important factors you should consider when buying a gaming monitor.

We listed the gaming monitors that are often recommended by gaming scholars. They are sorted according to the type of gaming monitor they are.

1) Best G-Sync Gaming Monitor

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There is no doubt, gaming without 3D feels like an incomplete game experience. There are some gaming monitors in the market that provide a full 3D gaming experience via Nvidia’s 3D gaming technology called G-Sync. By attaching customized hardware inside the monitor, it is capable of producing images that can be adjusted to match the frame rate of video games. This helps to produce clear images without tearing or artifacts. For this reason, they are often recommended for pro gamers who demand high-quality graphics and display.

2) Best FreeSync Gaming Monitor

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FreeSync technology was first introduced by AMD and has been on the rise ever since. It competes directly with Nvidia’s G-sync. As we know, Nvidia has a stronghold in the graphics card industry. Hence, most gamers choose to adopt their gaming monitor as well. There is only one disadvantage to FreeSync which is, it only works with AMD graphics cards. It doesn’t work on Nvidia’s GeForce card. However, the feature of no screen tearing via FreeSync makes it one of the best choices for gamers who are looking to have the same experience as G-sync but without paying too much money.

3) Best WQHD Gaming Monitor

What is WQHD?

WQHD stands for Wide Quad High Definition. It refers to the resolution of the monitor which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Most people wouldn’t see any difference between a 1080p and 1440p monitor at first glance. There are some differences that may be visible on the screen but not noticeable if you are not looking closely. You can see more clear graphics, sharper text, and even better performance if your hardware configuration is good enough to push the pixels on the screen.

4) Best 4K Gaming Monitor

What is 4K Resolution?

Similar to WQHD, 4k resolution stands for 3840 x 2160 pixels. This means it has a higher resolution than most of the monitors out there making your graphics clear and detailed. a 4k gaming monitor provides a better sense of depth, richer colors, and is able to produce a beautiful picture with a smooth transition from light to dark scenes. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to games that are rendered at 4k resolution. You will need a powerful graphics card that is able to produce crisp, clear graphics. Otherwise, the images are not going to be as vibrant as you want them to be.

5) Best Curved Gaming Monitor

What is a Curved Screen?

A curved screen monitor has the appearance of being more natural and immersive. This is because it has a slight curvature on the edges of the screen which gives it the ability to provide an almost panoramic view of images. This type of monitor can make you get more involved in games especially FPSs where you get better situational awareness due to the enhanced peripheral vision.

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