Best Digital Timer Clocks

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There are better ways to wake up in the morning than by relying on your phone’s alarm function. Not only can that be a recipe for disaster should you forget to charge your device overnight, but a real alarm clock often has a louder volume, a clearer display, and other handy add-ons like USB ports (for charging said phone) and sunrise-simulating light bulbs. So while we’ve written about lots of things that will help you fall asleep — including natural supplements, nighttime earbuds, and comfortable linen sheets — here, we’re focusing on things that will wake you up. Specifically, the best alarm clocks, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Jall Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

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This Strategist-approved alarm clock has more than 29,000 five-star reviews from buyers who love its minimal and sleek design. In fact, nearly 20 percent of reviewers say it “looks great,” with one going so far as to call it a “perfect little gem.” Another reviewer, who “did not want an obnoxious bright light staring at me during the night or when I wanted to take a nap,” was delighted with this purchase. They like it so much, in fact, that they “plan on getting about three more to place in various places in the house” because the adjustable brightness and dark interface are ideal for light sleepers.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock is described as “simple” in nearly 15 percent of reviews, and that’s exactly what these reviewers wanted. “It is what it is. It does very few things: shows you the time in huge, mildly unpleasant red numbers, lets you set a loud beeping alarm for one time only, and lets you snooze. That’s it. And it does all of these things reliably and wonderfully well,” one reviewer writes. Others appreciate how easy it is to program this alarm clock. “There are just three slide buttons on the back,” to set the alarm, to adjust the dimmer, and to set the time, explains one reviewer. 

Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

There are nearly 12,000 verified five-star fans of this simple, effective electric alarm clock with battery back-up on Amazon. “What I like about the clock are the large numbers, so very easy to read ” writes a typical reviewer, echoing hundreds of similar declarations. Reviewers also say the dimmer is especially effective. As one puts it, “If, like me, you like the alarm right by your bedside, the dimmer allows you to set the brightness to your comfort level — all the way from exceedingly bright to exceedingly dim.” 

DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

People like this old-school clock radio for its compact size and blue numbers. “Even at its brightest, it’s a lovely blue light. Not obnoxious at all,” says one reviewer. Several note that the “instructions are intuitive.” And for its size and price, people are impressed with the features. “Another neat addition is a USB port in the back of the unit for charging your smartphone while you sleep,” one points out. 

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

People like this Peakeep for its throwback looks, simplicity, low price, and loudness. As one reviewer writes, “The volume of the alarm is ‘old school’ awesome with a hammer beating two bells without the option to stop them other than getting up and turning it off. The lack of a snooze button is a godsend.” It’s so loud it’s effective for those with hearing loss. Several dozen purchasers with hearing issues vouch for this alarm.

These are some of the best digital timer clocks to invest in.

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