Best Camera For Photography Beginners To Buy

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Choosing a camera while starting your photography journey can be overwhelming and confusing because you do want to get your hands on one which is complicated and hard to use at the same time you want a camera that will help you learn. There is also a problem of budget for beginners because not everyone comes from a rich background which makes the task, even more, trickier as buying the wrong would take away your initial capital too. This article lists the best cameras which will be worth money for beginners.

D3500 by Nikon

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This is the perfect choice for a beginner, you can ask any great photographer or an expert, this will be the first name to come out of his mouth. It has wonderful image quality with Full HD video resolution. It has a comfortable grip and 5fps shooting speed. One key feature of this camera is that it comes with guide mode which is ideal for a beginner as it will help him also controls are completely manual which will help new entrant improve his skills gradually. D3500 has everything a beginner needs, this should be our first choice.

Canon PowerShot SX620

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If you do not want to jump directly to a DSLR and want to start with something compact then it is the ideal buy for you. This camera has 20.2 Megapixels and Full HD video resolution. It has a burst speed of 2.5 fps which is a bit slow. The best features of this camera are its portability, you can easily fit it in your pocket and it is light for hands and another is Excellent zoom range you can easily capture far off objects with help of it. It has a 25X zoom capacity. If you are a traveller then this one is made for you.

Fujifilm XT200

This camera comes with some excellent features which even high-end ones don’t. First of all, it is a mirrorless camera and comes with a touchscreen which has a resolution most of its rivals cannot even think to compete with. It has a 24 megapixel and can shoot even 4K  videos. The only downside of this camera is it has the design of old school ones but that is what makes it light in weight and when you combine it with an additional lens XT200 becomes a beast.

Nikon Z50

This one is for people who have a flexible budget. Nikon entered the APS mirrorless segment with this piece and it did wonders for the company. Z50 speaks for itself even though it has the design of Z 6 and 7 but is smaller in size improving the grip. The camera has a shooting speed of 11 fps and allows 4K UHD video resolution. With the Z50 you can use most types of lenses. One should buy this with a twin lens kit. The Z50 is overpowered but expensive. So, those who have a good budget should definitely go for it.


It is never too late to follow your dreams. There have been people who started photography with their phone cameras and went on to achieve huge success in the field. If you are a beginner, a good start will improve your confidence as well as help you achieve more success and a good start comes from a good camera. All these mentioned models are ideal and you can go with any one of them without worrying.

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