Apple Watch Digital Crown – One Functional Buttons to Love

apple watch digital crown

As Apple has revealed a new way to turn an ordinary, rubber-dipped watch button into an easy, rotating digital crown, the Apple Watch Digital Crown maybe even more versatile in the coming years. The Apple Watch provides users with several different interaction mechanisms, including the touch screen, the vibrating side button, the back button, and even the multi-touch interface on the virtual crown. The Watch has become an “iPad on your wrist” since it is this easy to operate and can do nearly anything a computer can.

How Is Apple Watch Digital Crown?

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To date, there are no other digital wristwatches that can offer so many different functions for the consumer at such a low price point. At first glance, it seems that the Apple Watch simply duplicates the features found on many popular watch brands, but it is much more than that. The Apple Watch Digital Crown is genuinely one of a kind and is a far cry from other high-tech devices that litter today’s market.

What’s So Special In Apple Watch Digital Crown?

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Unlike other, clunky computer-impaired watches, the Apple Watch has a sleeker, thinner design that is surprisingly accurate. The crown does not extend to the band’s edges but instead only covers the device’s face. This feature, coupled with the way the crown glides back and forth on the smooth plastic surface, means that you can do virtually anything with the Watch and still have complete handsomeness. With this feature alone, the Apple Watch can be used as a standard timepiece without the bulk and unwieldiness.

Key Features Of The Apple Watch Digital Crown

The Watch is also water-resistant to a level that is above most standard watches. This means that even water up to two feet deep should not be a problem. In addition, unlike some other watches, it is not susceptible to getting damaged by knocks or bumps. The Watch can take a lot of abuse, which means that you are guaranteed to love it for a long time. The durability of the Apple Watch makes it a significant investment in a way that no other watch can be.

While the overall design of the Apple Watch is one of the best in the industry, it does tend to get lost in the shuffle with all of the competing products. It does not have as many features as some of the other watches, and its crown mechanism is not as advanced as some of the others out there. But, those are two small things compared to what the Watch can offer you.

Final Thoughts

One of the Apple Watch’s best features is the Digital Crown. If you enjoy viewing things from far away but need to have your hands free for other functions, this feature allows you to scroll up and down the viewing area just by turning your wrist. In addition to the Digital Crown, the Watch comes with a pressure-sensitive ring that enables you to scroll up and down the viewing area. On the face of each Watch, you will find a band of tiny buttons used to switch modes, control the display, or answer phone calls. These small bands make it easy to operate your Apple Watch from any distance, making it an ideal piece of jewelry.

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