An Introduction to Digital Clock Faces

digital clock face

When it comes to counting the hours and minutes, the digital clocks beat the analog clock’s hands down every single time. They just don’t seem to do it any better. In fact, a lot of people complain about not being able to tell the difference at all.

Digital clocks beat the analog clock’s hands down in the convenience and elegance of reading time without having to actually measure time yourself. However, because they keep constantly changing, you must constantly wait a little bit to figure out what the next digit means. This is especially frustrating if you are in a hurry or need to keep track of the local time in several different places. You won’t have this problem with an analog clock face.

Beat The Analog Clock’s Hands Down

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Digital clocks also beat the analog clock’s hands down when it comes to displaying the phases of the moon. We all know how annoying it is to have the light shining in your eyes when it’s time to count the hours. With an analog clock face, you can easily adjust the phase of the moon so that it suits your reading time. If you have an unusual sleep cycle, such as going to bed very early, you might even need to go ahead and reset the moon phase to accommodate your unusual sleeping habits. It’s much easier to reset the phase of the moon with a digital clock face than it is to adjust the phase of the sun or another element of the room. You can easily change the time of day by simply tapping on the hourglass.

Digital clock faces are great for fitness clubs. There are a variety of fitness clock faces to choose from, each displaying the current time in seconds, minutes, and hour hand. You can set a target for each time period and whenever you reach that target you’ll be charged with an extra point. The great thing about having a digital clock is that it won’t get damaged if you drop it or have it fall on the ground. Many fitness clocks come with a limited life warranty.

Use A Stopwatch


The best way to keep track of time is to use a stopwatch. Stopwatches help you determine the length of your run, set a distance for a sprint, or calculate the amount of time you will need to rest between activities. A simple stopwatch can be used to time simple workouts such as walking or jogging. For more complex workouts, such as those done with cycling or swimming, you’ll need to use a timer with a foot pedal. Your clock face will be used to display the time spent on each individual activity. For example, if you were cycling at a steady speed of three miles per hour and took one minute rest between activities, this would be displayed as “ikes.”

Your clock can also tell you the percentage of your workout completed. If you are working out at the gym, you would want your fitness goals to be as close to perfect as possible so that you can achieve your goals in the fastest possible time. To do this, simply add the time left until your target and select the “percentage complete” button.

Digital-Style Display

Your digital-style display would then show you how much time is left until you reach your goal. To make this feature even better, many models let you click Select and Start your session so that you can start at a certain point and add more runs or workouts as necessary until you reach your goal.

Some newer clocks feature watches or wrist watches instead of analog displays. Digital-style clocks can still provide the accurate time display as the older analog-style models do, but they usually come in a trendy electronic style. The watches and wrist watches with digital displays offer many extra features, such as countdown timers, the ability to track your miles covered, the time your friend has been hit by lightning, the fraction of a second when a car hits your friend’s vehicle, and the time it took to get to work. These clocks can be used at home, at work, or as an alarm clock.

Final Words

Digital clocks are a great way to keep yourself on pace. Whether you need to know the time for work, an appointment, or something else, the right clock can help you stay on track. Consider having one or two of these clocks in various places around your home or office to help keep you on task. Accurate time is always important so having a digital clock is a great way to ensure that you get it every time.

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