A Minimalist Digital Watch Worth Checking Out

minimalist digital watch

If you’re looking for a minimalist digital watch like the Blackberry Flip or iPhone of the iPhone 3G, then this must be your best option yet. The QLOCK TWO watch simply tells you the time with a beautiful multi-color face. With just one press of the big green button, all the words on the face illuminate to let you know what time it is. It’s just that easy. And you can even change the face with more colors.

A lot of people are going for this kind of minimalist digital watch. This may perhaps be due to its features. Aside from telling the time, it also performs other functions besides telling the time. It shows you the weather, alerts you when an e-mail arrives, and surf watch just to name a few. These factors make this gadget a must have in your gadgets collection, especially if you’re fond of doing different things on your gadget.

Features Of QLOCK TWO

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There is also this incredible and sleek black face which represents time. It’s just like a black hole that reflects everything around it. The face is actually made out of two plates that are curved to give that futuristic look. This watch is a perfect addition to anyone’s hip pocket or trendy watch collection. It’s affordable too since it comes at a price of just 99 cents.

A lot of people would want to own this watch because it looks stylish yet affordable at the same time. It’s got a brown and silver strap that looks neat and professional. Despite the simple straps, the quartzcase diameter of this watch is large enough to represent time accurately. This watch doesn’t have a leather band, instead it uses a stainless steel band that is classy yet durable. This means that you can use this watch for long years without having to worry about scratches or wearing out the band.

Reasons To Buy QLOCK TWO

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Another reason why it’s good to have this watch is because it’s very classic. It’s got a classic look that will never go out of style. It has been designed with both gold and silver coloration and has the classic rectangular body. It even comes with a matching brown dial and bezel set that features Arabic numerical minute indicators. This watch can easily be paired up with various classic outfits including brown and black leather strap dress shirts, dark colored pants, as well as jeans.

In spite of its classic features, this digital watch has added a bit of modernity to it. The case has a clear chronograph dial. On the side of the watch you’ll find a push button. This button can be used to instantly activate the alarm. On the back you’ll find another push button for the date. So basically you have two buttons and a date on one side of this brand new watch.

A notable feature of this watch is the fact that it can also measure the heart rate. So aside from being able to tell the accurate time, you can also keep track of your heart rate throughout the day. Another thing is that this watch also offers you a countdown timer. This is a feature that many people like. This allows you to set a number of days and the watch will remind you of the time until you reach the number or until it stops.

Final Words

All in all, this brand of watch is perfect for those who want a sophisticated yet minimalist watch. It features a round dial in a gold tone, and a stainless steel bezel. It has been crafted to feature a 21-jewel automatic movement. You can simply say that this watch is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

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