A Look at Some of Sonys Available SLR Cameras

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If you are looking for an affordable yet professional level digital SLR camera, then you may want to look at the Canon Digital Rebel line of cameras. The Canon Rebel line is quite varied, offering many different types of cameras at varying price points. For a lot of people, the question of which SLR camera is best often depends on what they will use the camera for. People often have a particular usage in mind for their SLR camera and want to make sure that they get that type of camera. In this article we’ll be looking at a few different types of uses for your digital SLR camera.

Look For An Optical Viewfinder

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If you’re looking for a DSLR digital slr camera for outdoor photography, one important feature to look for is an optical viewfinder. An optical viewfinder displays the image as a photo through the viewfinder glass as the camera lens captures the image. There are two different kinds of viewfinders – there are the mechanical viewfinder and the optical viewfinder. The mechanical viewfinder has an LCD panel on the side that shows the current image as the lens is being captured. This is great if you don’t need a mechanical viewfinder, since the viewfinder on some cameras just zooming in on the image as it comes out.

Common Use For Your Digital SLR Cameras

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Another common use for your digital SLR cameras is for shooting video. One thing to note when shooting video is that you do need a video camera body. Some of the digital SLR cameras have a built in video camera body, but most of them do not. If you’re planning on recording long videos, then a separate camera body is definitely required. The body will also add a small amount of weight, which means that you’ll be able to carry more easily with the SLR camera.

Ability To Have A Digital View

One feature that is available on many cameras today is the ability to have a digital viewfinder, but no mirror. A mirrorless camera has an LCD screen and a lens with an internal digital sensor. When you press the shutter button, the lens fires off the image, and the LCD panel shows the image as it’s being captured. The difference between this type of camera and one with a mirror is that when you turn the camera around to take a photo, you can see the scene through the viewfinder. Mirrorless cameras also tend to be a bit more expensive.

The last type of camera I’ll discuss is the type with a lens with internal image sensors, or as I like to call them,” Mirrorless Cameras”. These types of cameras capture images via micro-electronic circuits (or MIMs). The only real downside to these types of cameras is that you can’t zoom in on your subject because the camera lens cannot focus an image so close to your face.


The bottom line is that Sony has a digital SLR lineup that will meet the needs of just about any photographer. Their SLRs come standard with an optical viewfinder, but most of their cameras have other features as well that will help you be productive. From a point and shoot to a camera with professional capabilities, there are a lot of great options when it comes to Sony digital SLRs.

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