A Buying Guide To The Best JVC Digital Video Camera

jvc digital vidio camera

Recording significant moments of your life will allow you to review and relive them overtime to come: However, it is essential to use an ad hoc product, which ensures quality videos, the video camera. But how to choose the “best” one for yourself, making your purchase the “right” one? The market, in this regard, offers many and various models, a positive aspect without a doubt, but at the same time also a source of difficulty. This is why it is essential to start with some initial considerations before addressing in detail – in the following paragraphs – the specific parameters relating to the choice.

Types On The Market

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The market offers different types of video cameras, each with its peculiar characteristics. There are three main lines: compact, professional, and action cam.

Compact Camcorder

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Of various prices, simple to use, and easily transportable, it is the preferable option for those who are not looking for a professional device. A resolution in specific models up to 1080p and an acceptable audio acquisition represent its characteristic features.

Professional Video Camera

Chosen by those looking for higher quality and willing to spend more money, this unit is suitable for music videos or independent films. It differs from other types for its superior image quality and higher resolution.

Action Cam

Small in size and light in weight – making it easy to carry – this camcorder can be used almost anywhere, especially for sporting and adventurous feats. Resistant to possible blows thanks to the materials with which it is made, it often stands out for its support at high frame rates (i.e., the frequency with which a video is captured) and for a relatively large number of accessories.


The size of the movie expressed in several horizontal and vertical pixels is probably the aspect to which you pay attention the most when you observe the film itself and is therefore placed at the top of the main discriminants to be considered when purchasing.

4K Ultra HD Or Full HD Camcorder?

This is probably the most common question for those who are preparing to buy a new high-definition digital video camera like you. It should be remembered that, in terms of resolution, 4K Ultra HD (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) videos are four times more detailed than Full HD (1,920 × 1,080 pixels). To get a 4K UHD frame, it is necessary to put together four Full HD frames. This results in a quadrupled amount of detail. Every pixel of a Full HD video corresponds to four pixels of a 4K frame.

JVC’s GY-HM650

The GY-HM650SC ProHD Sports Coaching Camera is built to link with the XOS Thunder HD App, which cuts down the upload time for practice and game video. This camera has excellent low-light capabilities, is lightweight and user-friendly, and offers various additional features, allowing for quick, reliable, and elevated mobile newsgathering. The camera records 4:2:0, but it provides a live video signal of 4:2:2.

To Sum Up

The choice is purely subjective – and therefore variable from individual to individual – depending on your needs and on the specific use of the device you will make: a mid-range product will thus be the preferable option for the “average” user.

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