6 Best Flip Clock To Buy In 2021

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Is your mobile alarm not cutting it for you, and do you want to turn up to the flip clock? It can be troublesome to find out the variety between flip clocks and which one is right for you. Today we have brought the best flip clock that will never let you miss the wake-up calls.

Sonic Bomb Flip Clock And Bed Shaker

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If you’re a heavy sleeper and have even tried the loudest alarms but still seem to oversleep, a bed shaker is the best flip clock for you. Put the flip clock under your pillow, and the shaking bed might finally wake you up.  It can be perfect for anyone who worries about waking up their roommates.

Digital Flip Clock With Night Light

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The RCA digital flip clock is the best if you are looking for a simple, no-frills alarm to wake you up. You would not get distracted by any unusual uses because it is hard to mess up. There is just one alarm option, a snooze button, and a backup battery to assure that you wake up in the case of power failure.

Wooden Digital Flip Clock

Most flip clocks are not built with aesthetics in mind, but this is one of the best-looking minimalistic designs you have ever seen. It lets you set up to three alarms and can control indoor temperature. You may like that the clock does not take up too much space and that the digits can easily be seen from a distance.

iBT234 Dual Flip Clock FM Radio

It is a multi-feature flip clock with FM radio, and you can also wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth. The dual alarm function of this clock allows you to set more alarms if you want to wake up at different times during the week. This clock’s alarm buzzer is loud, which helps you wake up if you are, which is great for heavy sleepers, but some users found even the lowest volume setting too loud for their liking.

Wake-Up Light Flip Clock

The wake-up light flip clock is an innovative alarm clock that wakes you up with lighting that imitates a sunrise. The best part, it has five alarm sound options, and you could also choose to wake up to an FM radio station. In addition, to snooze the alarm, tap anywhere on the light coming from the clock. Even if the power goes out at midnight, the alarm will still go off in the morning because of its eight-hour backup battery feature.

Flip Clock On Wheels

If you often have to hit the snooze button, this digital flip clock will not only beep until you sleep, but it rolls away, hides, and jumps. This clock will switch directions, shake and run until you capture it, taking you away from your sleep. It does enable you to sleep for up to 8 minutes, but then, the clock will light up in the dark.

Bottom Line

All of these flip clocks are loud and perfect for heavy sleepers and who snooze the alarm. Some clocks are customizable, but others can also help you to fall asleep. So now say goodbye to missed wake-up calls with these best flip clocks.

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