4 Stylish Electric and Battery Operated Digital Clock You Can Buy

battery operated digital clock

If you are looking for some stylish designer battery operated digital clock for your home but could not choose the best, then this is going to be helpful for you. We have shortlisted some amazing clocks that will be perfect for your bedroom wall or bedside table, living room, car, office table, studies, and many other places. These digitals clocks give your place a classy and modern look, they are multifunctional, can be used as an alarm clock, and have some other cool features that you will love. So, here are 4 stylish digital clocks for you.

AcuRite Intelli-Time Bedside Alarm Clock with USB Charging Point, Indoor Temperature, and Humidity.

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This multifunctional clock is everything you need, actually, it has more than you need. It shows the time, temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), indoor humidity, date, month, day of the week, moon phase, and alarm status; What else do you expect? Well, it also has an Integrated USB Port to charge your devices. The clock comes pre-programmed with date and time, it appears to be accurate even during power outages. It automatically dims at night but easy to read, the alarm volume increases gradually over 2 minutes which is perfect for heavy sleepers. AcuRite Intelli-Time Alarm Clock is electric powered, you can buy it on Amazon for $26 only.

JALL Wooden

This triangular-shaped wooden digital clock is perfect for a modern home, there are more than 21000 five-star reviews for this online. It is a multifunctional clock that includes 3 sets of alarms, with temperature

XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock, LCD Screen with Time, Calendar, Temperature Display

This is a 14.7 inch LCD screen digital wall clock for your home, office, and outdoor; it is rectangular in shape and battery-operated, plus you get the batteries included. The clock has functions like showing the

Ajanta Quartz Digital Green LED Wall Clock, Battery Operated OLC – 302

This is a basic square-shaped digital clock with green LED, the dimension of the product is


These electric and battery operated digital clock mentioned above are not only good for personal use but also a great option for gifting, your friends, family, and colleagues will love to receive them as a present.

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